Nominate a BPM Global 100 Leading Black Professional


The BPM Global Leading 100 Black Professionals recognition and leadership program will identify 100 leading black professionals worldwide to celebrate their accomplishments and contributions and connect them to build relationships and collaborations to increase leadership roles and sustained wealth. This overview outlines the transparent, fair, and impartial process for nominating individuals to be considered for recognition as a BPM Global Leading 100 Black professional and participation as a cohort in the BPM Global 100 Leadership program.

The recognition of BPM Global 100 Leading Black Professionals is an integral element of Black Professionals Month.  BPM will select 100 leading Black professionals worldwide with substantial accomplishments, significant leadership, and positive impact within their organization, industry, and community. The BPM Global 100 will be chosen from diverse professional categories and industries. This recognition is based on professional merit and is NOT fee-based.


Annually, the ICABA World Network will make a public call for nominations through individuals, professional organizations, industry publications, media and relevant social networks.

  • Individuals or organizations can make nominations, and self-nominations are also accepted.
  • Individuals or organizations can make multiple nominations.


Recognitions such as these are ultimately subjective and are challenging to quantify.  For example, a CEO at one company could have the equivalent scope of responsibilities and leadership as a senior manager at a different company.  Consequently, we take a comprehensive view of the nominated individual that goes beyond their job title. 

We seek talented and highly accomplished black professionals in senior leadership roles and higher for this special recognition.  The individuals we seek are more than high achievers; they are luminaries in their profession. Additionally, we will recognize emerging leaders who have demonstrated excellence in their current role and a great capacity for professional accomplishment and impactful leadership. BPM Global 100 Leading Black Professionals will be selected based on exemplary professionalism, leadership, and character qualities. While the job title of individuals selected for this recognition may or may not suggest qualification, it is not the sole criterion.

There are two (2) categories of recognition for the BPM Global 100 Leading Black Professionals: