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Fact Sheet


Black Professionals Month (BPM), held annually in October, is an unprecedented 31-days of virtual programs, events, and recognitions to ignite the leadership advancement of black professionals around the world. The BPM worldwide platform is designed to help black professionals step up, stand out and break through into roles of leadership, including the
C-suite executive level.


Despite gains in education and employment opportunities since the civil rights era, Black professionals continue to lag behind white counterparts in proportionate leadership roles, comparable income, and wealth generation. BPM is a proactive and strategic initiative to ignite the change Black professionals need to see.

Black professionals have a proportionate presence in leadership roles worldwide and are widely acknowledged and celebrated for their accomplishments and contributions. In addition to an increased presence in leadership roles, millions of black professionals have built strong collaborations and sustained wealth.


Celebrate and support Black professionals worldwide to increase leadership roles and generate sustained wealth-building.





  • Professional recognition
  • High-value connections
  • Career advancement
  • Leadership development
  • Brand development
  • Community building


  • Acquire new customers and clients
  • Grow revenue and market share
  • Expand talent pipeline
  • Pursue diversity, equity, and inclusion objectives
  • Bolster professional development of staff
  • Increase brand affinity internally and externally
  • Access a high-value data mining opportunity


Beginning in 2021, Black Professionals Month will be held annually during the month of October.



Black Professionals Month is co-founded by serial entrepreneur Jerome Hutchinson, Jr. and former C-suite executive Denise Kaigler. Mr. Hutchinson, the CEO of ICABA® (International Career and Business Alliance), and Ms. Kaigler, a brand strategist, career coach, author and principal of MDK Brand Management, joined forces during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic to help black professionals in ways that help them step up, stand out and break through.

Please visit blackprofessionalsmonth.com for more information and to discover different ways to participate, support, and benefit from Black Professionals Month.