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The ICABA World Network (ICABA) welcomes you to Black Professionals Month (BPM), a groundbreaking, global initiative celebrating Black professional excellence. Annually in October, ICABA produces BPM to amplify the accomplishments of Black professionals, create meaningful connections, and activate collaborations in our  thriving global community of accomplished Black professionals and entrepreneurs.

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Be A Part of the BPM Movement

Join the BPM movement to celebrate Black professional excellence worldwide. We are building an influential community empowering, uplifting, and advancing Black wealth and leadership. 

Personal Growth and Empowerment: Uplevel your talent with coaches, experts, events, and resources that facilitate personal and professional development.

Connect and Collaborate: Access diverse and influential professionals and build relationships and career opportunities.

Amplify Your Voice: Promote Black professional excellence, inspire future generations, and reshape the global discourse.

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ICABA World Network

The ICABA World Network is a trusted online ecosystem dedicated to empowering Black professionals and entrepreneurs by facilitating valuable connections and collaborations. Leverage the power of connections with the ICABA World Network, where Black professionals and entrepreneurs come together to build meaningful relationships and collaborations. Our trusted community fosters career growth, business success, to achieve greater wealth and leadership capacity.  Join us to connect with accomplished leaders, access valuable information and unlock opportunities to enhance your success in a supportive and inclusive environment.

BPM Showcasing Black Professional Excellence

We are proud to showcase some of the world’s most accomplished Black professionals and leaders in their professions and communities throughout the world. 

We will spotlight outstanding Black professional organizations for their great work and positive impact on society.

Black professionals have made profound and substantial achievements that we will present throughout October.

BPM Speakers & Events

BPM Speakers: We are thrilled to bring you some of the world’s most  accomplished Black professionals who will share their perspectives and advice. Speakers will participate from around the world, including Canada, South Africa, and, of course, throughout the US. We invite you to join their interactive webinars, panels, keynotes, and presentations.

During the month of October, Black professionals from around the world will have the opportunity to participate in numerous BPM virtual programs and events designed to help build strong collaborations, higher roles of leadership and sustained wealth. A sample of topics for BPM events  include:

Understanding the Inequity of Equality: During BPM, learn how systems, staffing, cultural norms, compensation methodology, job structures, and evaluation processes should all be examined for presumed prejudice and bias and then recast with the goal of assuring greater hiring and retention.

Discovering Mindfulness: Mental and emotional health and well-being is a critical factor in career advancement for Black professionals. BPM will help you discover yours.

Developing Healthy Eating Habits: Nutrition is critical to maintaining physical and mental endurance while standing out and breaking through. We’ll give you healthy eating tips!

Master Storytelling: We all have a story to tell. But are you telling yours in ways that will help you reach your career goals? Learn the tips and tricks to being a master storyteller.

Elevator Pitch Development: During BPM, you will learn pitch tools that will have prospects seeking you out and event planners booking you for speaking engagements.

Think and Grow Rich: Best-selling author Dr. Dennis Kimbro will share lessons on what black professionals can do to develop a success and wealth-building mindset.

Past Event Videos - Catch the Replay

Monetize Your Brilliance

Dr. Reggie Lewis | Oct 8, 2021

Think & Grow Rich, A Black Choice

Dr. Dennis Kimbro | October 27, 2021

Pitch Please

Precious "The Pitch Master" Williams | Oct. 22, 2021

Ways You Can Particpate

...With Support from your Boss

Black Professionals Month provides multiple opportunities for your involvement and participation.  Take advantage of relationship-building events, information-sharing and professional development opportunities to help drive your growth and advancement.  Please look through our BPM website to review numerous opportunities to attend and engage and click here to view and download a LETTER to MY BOSS to support your participation.

  Let’s be the change we want to see!



Click here to nominate a Black professional whose accomplishments are significant, inspiring and impactful.  

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Attend & Engage

Attend and engage in programs created to help black professionals step up, stand out and break through.

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Sponsor & Support

Enjoy  access to high value consumers, accomplished talent, and meeting diversity, equity and inclusion objectives.

Sponsorship Opportunities!

Host Virtual Event

Are you a subject matter expert nterested in producing and hosting a value-rich BPM event promoted on the official BPM calendar? Click here to let us know and a BPM team member will follow-up with you.

Volunteer & Support

If you are interested in volunteering to support BPM, please click here to let us know. 

Share & Invite

Support BPM by generating awareness by sharing us via, text, email, social media and other communication tools and platforms.

Meet Our Sponsors

Meet Our Visionary

BPM is the vision of Jerome Hutchinson, Jr., Chief Servant Officer of  ICABA, a trusted global ecosystem assisting Black professionals and entrepreneurs to succeed, lead, and prosper.  BPM is ICABA’s most ambitious initiative to date. ICABA’s network of over 13,000 Black professionals and entrepreneurs and its online platform provide the capacity to produce BPM’s events and programs. Its online ecosystem enables community building on a global scale.

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Ignite the Changes We Need!

Attend Black Professionals Month to engage with professionals who are also fired up about developing and maximizing tools to step up, stand out and break through into positions of leadership and generate sustained wealth.

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